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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Novel - Angel's Wings

This will eventually turn into a novel, right now just three chapters. But a fun read, and it's fun to write. 

Angel’s Wings

I didin’ know what they was back then. When he gave ‘em to me. Course I was in labor, lot on my mind and all. Plus him bein’ stuck under the cactus. He hand ‘em to me, and said, “Give those to the boy, he’ll know what to do.”
How’d he know it was a boy I never got figured out. But he knowed.
 Them be last words Denny spoke ta me.
Chapter 1
Denny come into my life a year or so ago. Gawd but he be handsome. I’s at the Mugs Up on Main in middle of the guys. They hung bout me like flies on shit as my daddy all-ays sez. Buyin’ me burgers or rings, makin’ sure I knows they got more money’n me. All ‘em wantin’ ta get on me an fuck me. Daddy always said not ta let ‘em, to wait fer a college boy. Git a better life’n we got now.
Not that we got a bad life, daddy’s janitor at the school. Daddy raised me, after mom died from the cancer. I’s but three when she gone ta her reward. Or so’s daddy always sez. Her reward. Never done figured that’n out.
We got a trailer, ‘n daddy’s got a car. Works most o’ the time. When it don’t start, we walk. Maybe a mile ta school. Not bad. We talk and daddy tells me bout mama. I likes his stories. Daddy musta loved her lot. Never seen nuther woman I knowed about.
Standin in the middle a the guys, Denny walks up and shoves a few ‘em aside, takes my hand and gets down on one knee. Holdin’ my hand he sez, “I am the arcangel, adrift, lost in the sea of absurdity of my own making. I have found you, together we shall be rescued from the doldrums of our existence.”
Gawd damn, I bout peed my pants right then an there. He done stood up, manalive but he just towered o’er the boys. Bout the biggest man I’er seen. An yeah, I’mma thinkin’ we was all just dumbstruck. None the boys said nuthin as he took me to this old blue pickup. Openin’ the door, he helps me up in there.
“I gotta go home arcangel, I gots homework ta do tonight. Tests an all tomorrow and rest a week.”
“We can make our way there then beautiful maiden, although you must point the way.”
I luv’s the way he talks. Beautiful maiden. Alla da guys says I’m purty, but none e’er said nuthin like that ta me. “You be a college man?” I’mma hopin’.
“I’m unfamiliar with what college man is.”
“College! Ya know, get a education. Get a good job, ya know. When ya get married, ya kin buy big ol’ house an treat yor wife good. Who knows, maybe me.”
“College. Job. House. So many things new to me and unfamiliar. I have a lot to learn about this place.”
Oh my Gawd. What kinda man is this arcangel? “You don’t know what a house is? Or a job. Where do you live now?”
“I have just arrived in this place, Apache Junction, seeking you. I spotted you from where I was before. Heaven. I wanted to be with you as you are the most beautiful woman alive here, well, anywhere.”
“Oh my, thankee.” Then I thought bouts that a minute, “So where’s this heaven at? It ain’t round here is it? Don’t recollect hearin bout it afore.”
 “It isn’t so much a place as it is a state of mind. It’s heaven, that reward for all good people to live at the end of their life if they follow the word of god. Surely you have heard of Heaven haven’t you?”
Oh my, that be justa bout the weirdest thing ever heard. “So, you be a ghost then? You died afore and was up in heaven?”
“No, nothing like that. I was one of the first angels. I was beside god when he created this world and the first man and woman. After a time, I began to want more, something like what those that now live in heaven have experienced. I wanted love, real love. So I came to be with you.”
“Oh my. Ain’t that sumpin. Whadda I call you arcangel?”
“Hmmm, I shouldn’t use my heavenly name, so… Call me Denny’s”
We’s driven by the Denny’s on Main just then so I’s figured he seen that sign and all. “Denny.”
I’m sure I sighed pretty heavy just then. I mean, my Gawd, the man was an angel. Up in heaven and all. And he come to be wit me. Gawd.
“Yes, I’m now Denny.”
I sure be glad he didn’t see Maccabbee’s Massage or Buster’s Bar.
I told him to turn right and we goes up the road a piece to the trailer park. “So Denny, where’s ya livin now?”
“Live. Hmmm. I don’t know. Here looks good. Near you I assume.”
“Yeah, that’s me an daddy’s trailer there.” Pointing to my home.
“Then I shall find suitable accommodations nearby. I believe that is the correct thing to do, isn’t it?”
“Well yeah. I mean I’m still in high school. I cain’t marry ya right now or nuthin.”
“Marry. Ah yes. Wedlock. As I understand it, that is how we would be together.”
“Well yeah.”
“I have so much to learn, I hope you will be patient with me.”
“Course Denny. I guess it must be kinda shock to ya bein here an all. I mean, this is Arizona, it ain’t heaven at’all.”
“Yes. It isn’t the heaven I’ve known, but with you, I believe it will be a heaven here on Earth.”
Gawd, I peed a bit then.  

Chapter 2

Denny looked at me and smiled this big ol’ smile. Like he’s just bout the happiest man on earth. I couldna unnerstand that, I mean he lived in heaven and come here ta Apache Junction. Hotter’n all get out in summer and brown alla time. I just cain’t imagine why. I mean heaven spossed to be where’s ever one wants to get to.
“Denny, you be funnin’ me? You really come down from heaven to live here?”
“Why? I mean ain’t heaven spossed to be perfect? Why’n ya wanna come down here to Arizona?”
Sittin’ there for a minute I seen him thinkin’. Furrows on his brow, his mouth squiggled a bit afore he started to speak. “Well, that place where I picked you up, Mug’s Up, they serve food there right?”
“Yeah, an they got’s root beer too.”
“What do you like to eat there?”
“Ah, I like their burgers an rings. Them guys buy ‘em for me alla time.”
“Well, let’s just imagine for a moment that you can eat all the burgers and these rings, all the time. In fact, from now on, that’s the only thing that you can eat. As many as you want, any time. But you are unable to have anything else. From now on. Forever. Nothing else. What do you think would happen?”
That’s sumpin never thought about. “Well, I think after a time I might’n get tired ‘em.”
Noddin’ his head at me, he takes my hand in his, “Heaven’s like that. It is a beautiful place, filled with love, and happiness. Perfect. Except, well, there are some things that might surprise you.”
Not sure what’n be there that ain’t perfect. “Like what?”
 “Well, this might sound odd, but, well, kissing. Have you ever kissed a boy?”
“Yeah, kissed Johnny Lee Bean once. He wanted to do more. Stuck his hand in my shirt an was touchin’ me. My daddy said not ta let them boys do that kinda stuff.”
“Ahh, well, we don’t do that ‘kinda stuff’ in heaven. Well, plus with me being one of the original angels, we didn’t have any relationships from time here on Earth as did all the others. So although I was surrounded by other souls, I wasn’t close to any. I could see how people formed bonds. After a time, I wanted that as well. I wanted something other than burgers and rings.”
“Yeah. So, ya ain’t ever held hands with a girl? Or, or kissed some un?”
“No, never.”
I just cain’t magine that. I mean I kissed more’n Johnny Lee. There been more’n a few. Scooting over to sit next ta him on the seat a that ol’ truck I took his hand in mine. “Never held a girl’s hand afore?”
“Other than just now and earlier at the Mugs Up, no.”
“Never kissed a girl?”
I can see him swallowing hard, his voice shakin’, “No, never.”
Reachin’ up with my free hand, I pulled him close ta me and kiss him. Open mouth, I waited for him ta go further. Ya know, stick his tongue inna my mouth. He didn’t, so’s I did.
Dinnit take long an his tongue came inta my mouth as well. I could feel him moan. Then he stopped and pull away from me. “Something is happening to me. I, I’m not sure what it is. I feel odd. Tingling, down, there.”
He points to his pecker. I kin see’s it’s big an hard, right through his jeans.
Gawd, he’s gotta huge un.
I puts my hand on it, sorta grab it through the jeans. “You mean this?”
“I, I, yes, I think so.”
“My, you ain’t ever had a boner afore?”
“No, never had one of those things before.”
Oh my. That’n be just bout the weirdest thing ever heard.
No wonder he want ta come down ta Earth.

Chapter 3

Well if’n that don’t beat all. A man that just got a pecker. Seems like it works. Big an hard an all. I let go it, I’s tinglin’ all over like I ne’er kissed a man afore.
Ne’er felt like this when done it. No tinglin’.
Gawd but Denny be handsome. Big strong long blond hair. An a big ol’ pecker. An angel, come ta see me.
I scooted over to my door and opened it ta get out. “I gotta go Denny. My daddy spectin’ me. An I got’s homework ta do. We gots finals next couple days afore graduation. I’m hopin’ I pass alla my classes. Kinda on the borderline as my counselor sez.”
He kinda just nods. Smilin then at me, “We shall see each other again then on the morrow.”
I just love the way he talks.
Pointin’ over to a trailer by the entrance, I tell him, “The park manager lives over yonder, talk ta him bout any trailers that be for rent. I’ll see ya. Yeah, on the morrow.”
I stop at the door and look back ta see Denny get outta his truck in front of the manager’s place. Imma hopin’ there’s trailers for rent. Usually is bunch. This ain’t the best part a town. Lotta transients, as my daddy sez. They’s comes and goes. Rent’s cheap an tain’t no cops most times.
There’s that one time bunch a cops come an arrest a pile o’ people livin’ in a trailer o’er a couple from us. Daddy heard they was sellin drugs outa there. I stop seein’ Johnny Lee then cuz he spent time there afore. Seen him, more’n once.
Don’t need that in my life.
Daddy be standin’ at the front window lookin’ out. He jus’ smile at me when I come in the door. “New boy?” He asks.
I spose he done seen me kissin’ Denny. “Yeah daddy, he’s sumptin special.”
“College boy?”
Gawd, I ain’t ne’er lied to daddy afore. But how does I splain him bein an angel. “Yeah daddy.”
“Good.” Then he just goes ta the kitchen ta fix dinner.
“Nuthin for me daddy, done ate a burger an rings at the Mugs Up a bit ago.”
“Ya needs ta eat some salad. Burgers mightin’ be good, but ya needs some other stuff,” he calls out.