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Monday, November 21, 2016

Presidential Guardians Chapter 20

Chapter 20
For whom the Toll appeals
1900 words
Upon leaving the parking lot there was a paved road leading off to the south. We drove on it until we came to a turn, then driving on a much larger road to the west we came to the freeway. “Sorry, this way is longer, but I just don’t like all the dust from the gravel road.”
“I don’t mind. I like being with you.” She turned her head to look at me. Now those crazy feelings of love, desire, respect came from her. For the first time in my life, I didn’t want to run away. “Watch the road though.” As she began to drift out of our lane.
Eventually we made it to a restaurant that was situated right on the river. Too early for the Saturday brunch crowd, we were seated immediately out on the veranda. Our table was overlooking the Potomac with the Capitol in the background. A wondrous setting for me to inaugurate my new life, my new job, and a wonderful young sexy woman in my life. Wow, this is something I never believed possible for me. I liked my new life.
We ordered, we ate, we talked. In deference to the others about us, she refrained from talking about our night of passion. She had two Mimosas. Coffee and water for me. I didn’t want to try the pomegranate iced tea. Sounded too trendy. However, the artichoke and spinach omelet with country potatoes, pancakes and English muffin were amazing. Even though it was a lot of food, I sort of thought it prudent to fuel myself for a day of physical exertion. The lust coming from her was palpable, almost cloying. But not entirely unwelcome.
We paid with the company card. My days of not having income and using tricks of which I had no understanding were over. Walking hand in hand out to her Mustang, we saw the line now waiting for tables. Once again I opened her door for her and she grabbed my head and kissed me, quickly, with just a bit of passion. “Thank you for being a gentleman.”
“Always, even in the bedroom.” I told her as I walked around to the passenger side.
After I was seated, she leaned over and kissed me again, this time with more passion, more lust. “I know. And thank you.”
Eventually we took off, heading toward a store I believed. Back the way we came and she turned off the freeway about half way back to the facility. It was an all residential area. A few turns here and there, and she pulled up into the driveway of a small cottage style house with a white picket fence and flowers in planters all along the front and around three big trees. As I got out of the car, she waited for me to come around to her side to let her out. I did. She smiled. I began to wonder at what kinds of men she had been with in the past. The pronouncements from Happy were starting to make sense to me.
Walking up the path, there was a plaque next to the door. It read, ‘Katy’s Home’ with a flowery design around the words. “Very nice, where’d you get this?” I asked her.
“Oh my, you’re in for a shock.” She then unlocked the door. As we entered, I was amazed at all the hand crafted plaques, statuettes and just stuff. They filled the living room. All with decorative designs, flowers, animals, and various sayings painted on them. I was indeed, stunned.
“My mom and I got into toll painting a few years ago. It’s taken over my life. We take stuff to craft shows and sell them every few months. I don’t know, I love doing it. Sometimes it’s hard to sell the pieces, they just have so much of me in them. I love them all.” And she turned around with her hands extended showing me the entirety of the room filled with her passion. And what I felt from her now was for a different sort of thing, not me. But nonetheless exhilarating.   
Rushing up to me, she grabbed me, and kissed me. This time with unbridled passion. I picked her up, our lips still interlocked, and carried her off to the hallway. Entering what could only be her bedroom, I was shocked that there were only a few pieces of her work there. The flowery bedspread, the antique furniture, the colorful throw rugs over the hardwood floor, I was impressed with the quality of her design work. A wonderful creative facet of this enchanting woman I never would have believed possible.
Extricating herself from my grasp, she stripped off her clothes and then began to remove mine as well. I need new shoes. This could take all day if I let it. She was young though, it shouldn’t.
Three o’clock showed on the alarm next to the bed. It was off by seven minutes. She was asleep splayed out on the bed. The bedspread lay in a crumpled heap on the floor, one corner of the sheets pulled up and the mattress was bare there. Not sure when that happened. Dressing, quietly, I was indecisive as to what to do. I had no idea where to go to get shoes. There were no malls or stores along the route we had taken. And I remember everything. But even if I knew where to go, taking her car was not the sort of thing I was comfortable with.
Sitting on the side of the bed, I began to trace lines around her beautiful breasts with my index finger. Even in her sleep, she gave off feelings of passion, lust. Something that I had never noticed before. Although these emotions were faint, they still emanated from her. Light dreams of the satisfying sex I assumed. Nice. As her nipples hardened from the gentle touch of my finger as lazy tracings encircled each, she opened her eyes. Now a genuine smile came over her, and her whole body relaxed at my touch. “More?” She asked, expectantly. “Thanks for letting me nap. I needed a break. God but you’re incredible in bed.”
Shaking my head, “No, shoes. I need them for work. We can have fun later.”
A sense of relief came over her, I think she just noticed I was dressed. “Well, as much fun as we’ve had, I think a little shopping would be good. We always have the rest of the night. And tomorrow. Mac said you don’t have an assignment until Monday. So I hope my plans to be with you are okay?” And she truly was unsure, fearing rejection.
Assurance was my specialty, having done it with every woman I’ve been with. Or so it seems. “That sounds like a wondrous plan Katy. It seems as if you know my schedule better than I do. I suppose I need to discuss that with Mac. Something that has been avoided so far. Probably my fault. It’s been an adjustment period, I’ve never actually had a job before. So, for me, it’s all pretty new.”
“You’ve never had a job?” She looked at me with this eyes wide open incredulity. “How have you made a living? How do you even live without a job, money, everything?”
Now was the hard part. What to tell this woman. She was wild, had a weird past according to Happy. And then there was this conservative side, toll painting side, tasteful decorator side. That shocked me. Mac had told me she had worked at the facility since its inception. How do I explain a life like my previous existence to a woman that was apparently conservative and yet wild a bit herself.? I couldn’t, not yet. “I got by.”
As she stood and put on panties, she looked at me again with this quizzical look. No comprehension at all of what that could in any way have meaning in her world. “I’m not sure what that means. How did you get by?”
Now what? How did I broach a subject that would be totally unfamiliar to this beautiful young woman. I was unsure. For the first time in my life I didn’t want to blow it. As I always did. “Well, you’ve seen my talents. At work. They got me by.”
“Making a woman orgasm by touching her? How could… Oh, yeah, I see. Women. Right?”
Not such a difficult concept after all. Acceptance would be another thing. “Among other things. You know about the door lock?”
Now there was a bit of excitement. “Yeah, yeah. Mom said you unlocked the door and she had no idea how you could do that. But I haven’t heard anything else about it.”
“No, nothing. That’s like an impossibility. Unless you know the code to unlock the door, how could you unlock it?” And now her feelings of astonishment were paramount within her. Needing to know, she pressed on. “Is there a trick? Something you can teach me?”
Yikes. A trick. A corner, from which extrication was needed. I had no idea what Mac wanted her to know. “Yeah, it’s a trick. Something I can do. Finish getting dressed, I need those shoes. And maybe more food. It’s been awhile.”
That caught her off guard and helped to steer the conversation away from where we need not go. “Yeah, maybe so. I guess we were fucking for like what, five hours? I’m kinda hungry myself.”
Avoidance. The preferred path. Watching her now, she pulled a pair of slacks over those long luscious legs. Fastening the button, just below the perfectly flat stomach, her navel winked at me. Then she went to the closet and pulled out a fresh blouse, a plain simple pale yellow one. As she put her arms through the holes, she smiled at me. No bra. Buttoning the light colored sheath, her breasts, her nipples, still erect, could be seen. Enticing me, questioning my resolve to seek sustenance, and shoes. My new life, with this incredibly beautiful woman that had perfect breasts and so open to learning how lovemaking should be, was unbelievably discordant with my life just a few weeks ago.
I had no intention of blowing it.
“You are incredibly beautiful.” And meant it.
 With her blouse half buttoned, she came to me. A kiss, passionate, wanting. Relief. Still unsure of my feelings, perhaps because of past experience. Perhaps because of the thought of repercussions from the people that we worked with. I had already seen the jocular manner with which she was treated. That could be disturbing. It was to me. However I was new to the family with which we now were a part of. And family, fairly well described what we were.
It defined my new existence.
And I wanted her. But I needed shoes. And food. I wasn’t superman. She drained me. Of energy, of resolve, of bodily fluids. I needed lunch.
She finished buttoning the blouse. Standing before me, I could not understand why I had lived my life as I had in the past. This, this is what I wanted. What I needed. I was happy. Perhaps for the first time, ever.
And with her total unawareness of what her clothes, her appearance, did to me, she led me into the living room, Our interlude was over for now. To be continued. I hoped. No, of which I was certain.

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