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Monday, November 21, 2016

Presidential Guardians Chapter 19

Chapter 19
It isn’t that big
2300 words
Upon seeing me, I could see her nipples harden. A white shirt, naked underneath. I could see all. Her firm breasts, taut nipples, erect with desire. Barely visible was a darker triangle of pubic hair where her legs met midway up my shirt. I was a lot taller than she, the shirt hung to her knees. She strutted over to me, long sexy strides, dipping her head with each step. “I thought you would find it, sexy.”
As she came up to me, ready to embrace me. Her face contorted. Crinkling her nose, she then added. “God, you stink. You need a shower.”
“Sorry Katy, yeah I suppose I do. I’m not used to this humidity and heat. I probably do stink a bit.”
“A bit?” She wasn’t pulling any punches.
“Let me take a shower. Sorry, this was my first day outside in this weather.” And then looking at her again, deep into her eyes. “Yes, you are incredibly sexy. You’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.”
Helping me off with my jacket, she stood before me and undid my tie. We both worked the buttons of the shirt and then she took a deep breath and unbuckled the standard issue black belt. As she worked my pants down, they fell to my ankles. Dropping to her knees, she helped me out of the slacks. Noticing the shoes were dropped next to me, she told me. “I’m so sorry about the shoes, I really should have told them to get black sneakers for you. Everyone wears them.”
As she finished taking off my trousers, I cupped her face in my hands and gently pulled her upwards. She stood, and that look of expectation returned to her. “It was a learning experience. Everything we do, we learn. As I hope we both do tonight.”
Sighing, she looked into my eyes. Nothing could draw her attention from my gaze. Her desire for me filled the room. I felt it. This time, it was a desire I wanted. Needed.
But then, I felt the need to shower, to begin a night we could both enjoy. I leaned down, kissed her gently on her lips. Gasping, the body odor forgotten, she was excited. Turning part way from her, I put my hands into my boxer shorts and pushed them down to my ankles. With a sudden intake of air, she looked at my penis for the first time. Now, amazement filled her demeanor.
“It’s not that big.” I said to her.
“Oh my God, yes it is.” She told me. Then grasping me in both hands, she got down on both knees and took me into her mouth. Rapidly, with the inexperience of youth, and lack of finesse, she moved her head to take part of me into her mouth. With medium strokes she felt she was exciting me. I knew she was capable of more. But I was conscious of my condition, and put my hands under each side of her face and stopped her. “Let me shower first. We can both enjoy it more.”
And then she stood. And smiled. I moved toward the bathroom and started the shower. As the warm water took a moment to arrive, Katy came in to stand next to me. Her head against my chest, I felt the desire, the lust, the wonderment. It wasn’t that big. Inexperience.
Kissing her again lightly, I moved into the shower. Soaping up, I waited. The indecision within her was great. Finally, to join me in the shower won, and she stepped in to stand behind me. With a washcloth in her hand, she worked on cleansing my back, legs, and took extra care with my genitals. Gently scrubbing me she once again gasped as I hardened at her touch. Obediently, she did nothing to them except stroke me, with long slow strokes of the soapy washcloth. After we rinsed, I turned off the water. Moving out of the shower, I took a towel and began to dry her. I took a long time, and marveled at how attractive she was. Clear skin, she had the incredibly desirable trait of total symmetry. Her face was perfect. Full taut breasts, slender stomach and legs that were perfect. Shapely, long and joined at a dark patch of darker blondish pubic hair. Small tiny feet, she was indeed a beautiful woman.
Finished, she turned her blue eyes up toward me as she repeated the process and began to dry me with a second towel. This time, she couldn’t contain herself and dropped to her knees and placed her mouth on me. I allowed her a few minutes of her enjoyment, her amazement, and then stopped her. Helping her to stand, I guided us to the bed in the other room. There I lay her down and proceeded to give her pleasures she had never known were possible.
It really isn’t that big. Katy was amazed though. Inexperience.
When I awoke the next morning, she slept curled into a ball on the wall side of the bed. The glowing red numbers of the clock told me it was 6:45. An enjoyable night. Katy looked like a child, her hair tousled about her head, those amazingly blue eyes closed for now in the sleep of one who had enjoyed the depths of intimacy with someone that cared, respected, and appreciated her. As I did. Extricating myself from the bed sheet, I stood and went over to the dresser and dressed. A simple t-shirt, jeans and my white tennis shoes. Then careful not to disturb her, I went out into the hallway, down towards the end where the other entrance was to the kitchen. A sandwich and soda provided by the regulars midday in our guarding the VP was all I had eaten after the tiny breakfast Happy had given me in the towncar. I was hungry. 
Once in the kitchen, Happy, Donny, Jacob and Mac were all seated at one of the tables. I moved over to where they sat and they all greeted me with enthusiasm. Jacob was the first to bring up the party. “You left early last night, the regulars were here until after one. They are a rowdy group. That Todd guy was telling everyone about the story you had told him how we’re like circus freaks. Oddly enough, they all seemed to begin to see us differently.”
Donny now added. “Well, your having to piss when the VP introduced you was the big thing. Everyone’s attitude changed then. All the guys said they felt it.”
Looking about the dining area, I wondered where they all were. “So, where is everyone. Still sleeping?”
That sad shaking of his head told me I was incorrect. Mac looked at me and began. “The rest are off to the airport. Flying with the regulars to Detroit for the Republican convention. It starts Monday and they’re all there to go over security procedures and the like. You get to go to the Democrat’s convention in New York next month.”
New York. My first visit. “So it’s my first time to New York. Will we get to look around? See the sights?”
“You’ll get a detailed and intimate look at Madison Square Garden.” Donny said. Everyone laughed.
Mac now added. “And great views of the streets in front of the hotel and the Garden both. But that’s probably not what you want to know hear.”
“No, not really. But, perhaps another time. I assume I get time off, vacations and the like. Right?”
“Yes Dennis. We can accommodate most anything you want. It’s part of the package. We’ll have time to talk about it all later. It’s the busy season. But we talked about all that.”
“Yeah. I know it’s Saturday, but is there food available?” I said, changing the subject.
Donny looked at me strangely. “Aren’t you taking Katy out for breakfast?”
“Umm. Hmm.” I hesitated. “Well, I’m not sure when she’s coming to pick me up to go shopping.”
The four burst out laughing. As they settled down, Mac was the one to inform me, “Dennis, the walls in our rooms aren’t soundproof. Remember that for in the future.”
Crap! I slapped my hand to my forehead. That hadn’t even been a consideration. One as inexperienced as she, tended to make a lot of noise. Looking over toward Happy, I made this face I hoped was plaintiff. Asking of forgiveness.
“She’s an adult Dennis. We already talked about that. And truth be told, you’re a hell of a lot better choice for her than some of the weirdos she’s taken home to meet her mother.”
The other three now chuckled. Jacob led off, “Happy, remember that one loser she brought in her to meet us all about a year ago. The one with the Mohawk?”
They all groaned. Happy responded. “That one was a loser. He wanted to be a skateboard artist. I think he moved to LA to pursue his dream. No job, no ambition. A professional Skateboard Artiste. All day long he rode his skateboard up and down the Capital steps. Up and down. Man.”
“Have there been others?” Curious now.
Groaning, Happy began. “In high school it began. I think you can see that’s she is a very attractive young woman. She attracts men. Even back then. One every other week it seemed. Long hair, shorts and tee shirts and when it got cold, old Army jackets over those torn tee shirts. Ripped jeans for the most part. I could never understand how their willies didn’t freeze up.”
Even I laughed with the others at his picture. Back in Arizona that was a common enough sight, teens everywhere with jeans that had big tears in them. Even older girls seem to take on that affectation of dress. Not something I ever understood.
Behind me, there was a scraping noise and then that feeling of utter contentment. Katy walked through the door a moment later. Wearing jeans with no holes in them, white sneakers and a colorful blouse that showed off a fair amount of cleavage. She was all smiles. “Good morning Mac.” A pause. “Donny, Jacob.” Then she walked to where Happy sat, she bent over to give him a hug. “Morning Happy. I told you yesterday I wanted to take Dennis out shopping. Sneakers. It wasn’t nice of you guys to make him wear those horrid uncomfortable dress shoes all day. So I came in this morning so we can start early. There’s lots of things I want to show him.”
Respect. None said anything. No snickers, no snide remarks. Even though I could think of a few. She had shown me a lot last night. I just smiled. “Do you want to eat here or go somewhere else?” I asked her.
Puzzled for just a moment, she then smiled as she made a decision. “I know a great breakfast café on the Potomac. It’s beautiful. And they serve breakfast. We can go there.”
“Sounds wonderful. You’ll have to give directions. Mac said I can take one of the cars from the garage, but I have no idea where anything is around the city.”
“No don’t worry about that, we can take my car. I’ll drive.”
“Well then, that makes things a lot easier. I’m ready when you are.”
She then returned to Happy and gave him another hug. “Thanks granpa, We’ll see you later. See all of you later.” Taking my hand in hers, we walked off toward the front exit. Once outside the door, she waited for it to close and then pulled my toward her and gave me a passionate open mouth kiss. Her tongue seeking mine, I felt her passion. Her need to have me again. And again.
Later. I needed sneakers.
“Okay.” She was perplexed by lack of response. “What’s wrong?”
‘Just, not here. Not now. We have all day. Let’s go eat. I’m starving. You took a lot out of me last night.”
There was that smile again. She was happy with the remark. “I can’t believe how incredible you were last night. God, I want to do that all over again. Now, all day long.”
“We can. Later. Sustenance first. Sneakers second. And then you and I can do whatever you want.”
“Okay, I’ll hold you to that.”
And we walked out to the main corridor. Instead of turning left to the underground garage, we turned right. We walked where I had not yet been. Past doors with cryptic signs on them. ‘MRI Lab’ and ‘Electronics’ along with various tags that I had no clue as to their purpose. Then an elevator that opened immediately when the button was pressed. Upon entering, she pressed the button for the first floor, then grabbed me again and kissed me. This time, I returned her passionate embrace, the heat, the dueling tongue, the, wet passionate kiss of youth. As the door opened, she disengaged and looked into my eyes. “I can’t wait.”
“Neither can I.” And meant it.
“God I can’t believe how big you are. You fill me up. I never had so many orgasms before. It was wonderful. Fucking you was the best I’ve ever had.”
“It’s not that big.”
Then she took my hand and led me out the glass double doors to the parking lot. A single car, a Mustang, was parked there. Walking over to it, I went to the driver’s door and opened it for her. Looking up at me, she told me. “I’ll drive. I’m familiar with where we’re going.”
“I know.“ And I allowed her to enter the car. Then closing the door after she was situated, I walked around and sat beside her. She grasped my hand, and smiled. I don’t think anyone ever did that for her.

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