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Monday, November 21, 2016

Presidential Guardians Chapter 12

Chapter 12
Skin that's ever so soft
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That was a bit of a stretch, however the concept that a small number of individuals had the capability to feel the emotions of others was a bit far-fetched to begin with. Even though I lived it daily, it was somewhat outside the normal lines of reasoning. So I stayed silent, I had no words to insert into the conversation, nothing to dispute the validity of that particular supposition. And realistically, little comprehension of the hypothesis. It mattered not, knowing how something worked was less important than understanding how to live with it.
"Well, we can speculate for years, and get no where." Mac finally said after my few moments of silence. "We can still try to learn, and define the limits to the gifts that you do have Dennis. So, if it's okay with you, I would like to try a few things to do just that."
Nodding my head, I was fine with all that we had done so far. "Sure Mac, what's next?"
The doors to the main hallway in the back of the classroom were still open and Mac called out to Katy to come in. A moment later she appeared. he directed her to sit in a chair, facing partly away from the crowd, and about eight feet away from the semicircle. Then he put a chair behind her for me to sit and with his hands, directed me there. "Dennis, I want you to think about something, an emotion, a feeling. A specific one. Then project it into Katy. I know, I know, you said you can't. Just try it. Let's test it."
 Sitting quietly with my hands clasped together, I thought about sex. I think about it a lot lately, been a few days. So I thought about her. I tried to project those thoughts toward her. Realistically, I had never done such a thing, I wasn’t sure if I was even close.
Several minutes passed. Mac looked at Katy and asked. “Anything?”
She sighed, and smiled. “Well Mac, I’m kinda thinking about sex.”
There was laughter all around the peanut gallery. “All right, all right everyone. Settle down. And please, this is serious. There are limits to everyone’s capabilities, let’s be patient as we work with Dennis. And Katy, I understand, you’re young, Dennis is new. But, well, Dennis, try thinking about something else. That may or may not have been a coincidence.”
And another round of giggles and laughter. Mac shook his head, and they settled down. Now, I sat, and thought about surfing. A big wave, fifteen foot. At Kailua, the drainpipe. Up, Standing now, walking back to gain speed, racing down the face of the wave. Droplets of water splashing my face. Down. Down the face of the wave, the crest broke over me and water swirled over the board, above my waist and I kept my feet placed and road the wave toward the beach.
“Oh my God. Fantastic.” Katy exclaimed.
There was a sharp intake of breath now from everyone. Even I was surprised. Mac looked over to Katy and asked her. “What did you see?”
Cocking her head to the side, it was obvious she was thinking about what had just happened. It took a moment, then she began. “Mac, I didn’t see anything, I was just overwhelmed with this, this, sense of, exhilaration. It was amazing.”
Nodding more rapidly than I have ever seen the man, the excitement was obvious. Mac looked over at the group, “Anyone else get any such feelings?”
There were no affirming nods. Except Donny. He nodded. “Yeah Mac. It was faint. But I felt that same thing. Exhilaration. It was faint, but intense. I guess I’ve never experienced what it is that I do. It was rather, um, unworldly. I felt it maybe because I’m not a receiver like everyone else. Maybe.”
“I don’t know Donny, I really don’t.” Mac looked puzzled. “When you project, everyone sees it. All of us do. This, I’m just not sure. Dennis, what were you thinking about?”
“Surfing. At the drainpipe. On the big island.”
There was a collective ‘Ah’ as each had their own concept of what surfing is. Only those that surf would understand, and be silent. Knowing.
“Any images, either of you?” Mac asked.
Both shook their heads. I knew I wasn’t Donny or his brother, that didn’t surprise me. I was barely aware of my capabilities. Little snippets with various women that had little to do with helping me to understand, well, me. There was but one objective. In the past anyway.
Mac now looked about the group, unsure perhaps as to how to proceed. Finally, he smiled. “Okay Dennis, now put a hand on Katy, and think about something, a place. A feeling.”
Scooting my chair forward the few feet that separated us, I slowly put my hand on her left shoulder. Her skin was just ever so soft. I knew what images I would giver her. Sex. Again. Longer, more detailed than earlier, before at her desk. There was only the now. I was with her, performing, as only I could. Cunnilingus. I felt her moan beneath me. I felt her pleasure, transferred it back now. And then I moved upwards, and entered her. Slow deep strokes, I felt her stiffen as her orgasm swept her away from even this non-reality. I watched her in the now as she slouched down in her chair and her legs spread involuntarily. “Aaaaahhhhh, uuuum.” Escaped her lips. Then. “Oh god, yes yes. Oh God yes.” And it was over.
Standing now, Katy looked over at the group, then shook her head and left the room, touching my arm as she left. But didn’t look at me. She was embarrassed. And impressed.
Surprisingly, there were no comments now.
Even Mac was somewhat subdued. No smiles, no nodding, no lines on his forehead. He just looked over at me. “Why did I think you would project something else. I don’t know. It was something to watch though. Right?”
Andre as usual, was the first to express his thoughts. “Man I ne’er seen such a ting. Stevey be tryin to do dat to her for year now man.”
The group exploded with laughter. Poor Stevey just shook his head. “One damn day you’re here man and, shit man.”
“Sorry Steve, man I had no idea.” I apologized.
“Christ, don’t worry man. Really, I had no chance. But the fun was in the trying. It’s just that, Christ, one day. One damn day.”
I had no idea what to say to the man. The woman was there, I felt the attraction the moment we saw each other. Why? I never knew. Women liked me. Those that didn’t, those that I wanted, I used a little talent and that was it. I’ve been told I was a good looking man. What did I know?  Stevey was good looking. Me? Not so much. I tried not to think about it. I mean I didn't think I was. Today though, Katy was looking at me like I was a creamsicle at the local popsicle bar. I knew not what would come of it. However the one thing I didn’t want, was dissention in my new life. I was beginning to like this new existence, and those that inhabitant it.
Shaking my head, I was weary from the exercise. Doing that, even the little bit I had just done to Katy tires me. I just kind of melted into the chair, drooping and sagging against the back. "Mac, sorry, but doing that just drains me. Is it the same for Donny and Mikey?"
Answering for himself, Donny responded. "No. I mean a little bit. But not like you it seems. Happy's videoed us when we do it, and even hooked us up to his chamber of horrors machines to measure how many calories we burn off doing it. It was never much though."
Mac now was nodding again. "It's just like we talked about earlier. We have no actual explanation as to how this happens. It might be that there's more than one way to project. You could have differing pathways and so have different energy requirements. We just don't know. And there's little hope of finding out, without first starting with what we're doing now. Speculating and hypothesizing in order to give guys like Happy something to look for."
We all were nodding now. Each wanting answers, knowledge. Then there were three distinct beeps from a buzzer in the cabinet with the video equipment. Mac looked over and saw that Katy had closed the door after leaving a moment ago. "Katy." He yelled out now to get her attention.
Opening the door, she stuck her head in and told him. "It's Maplefield Mac. He's got a couple cars with him. I've no idea who all he brought."
A collective groan escaped from everyone. Now what was happening?
Sighing, Mac looked over at me. "Well, it's time to meet some of those that are paying our rent and our salaries. It's why we're here. Dennis, The Deputy Director Clement Maplefield will be bringing in some others. They have expressed an interest in meeting you. So today's the day."
"Will this entail some sort of performance for them?" Asking, but already knowing the answer.
“Everyone performs Dennis.” Mac told me. “Whether we think it does any good or not, we are still expected to show those that control our funding, something.”
Not sure what that meant. I have many talents as I’ve found out. What would we do to impress these that caused such a reaction from my new friends. “So what sort of demonstration do you have planned?”
“I don’t know Dennis.” Mac started. A facial expression I couldn’t read. “They usually have something planned. The Vice President I’m sure has talked with Director Maplefield about you. So, at this point, who knows. But be prepared. It could be wild and crazy.”
And then the group burst out with laughter. Andre was the first to expound on the hilarity. “When day met me, he want me to read ‘is mind’ man. He say ‘what me tinkin man’ like I do dat. And he be pissed when not do it.”
Next up was Jacob and he was not that complimentary either. “Yeah, he has no clue. He lined up five guys for me and told me to tell him which one was carrying a gun. I mean, come on man, how could I tell him who had a gun on them. They were Secret Service, they all had guns. And it wouldn’t come across as something I could feel anyway.”
“It isn’t as though he has any real idea what we do here. Right Mac. I mean they know we have a purpose, but they’re all unsure what the assistance is that we provide.”
 Acclimations all around at what Stevey just said. With a sad look on his face, Jake now told me his thoughts. "Thankfully we're rarely needed. But then neither are the regulars most of the time. They just feel more important, that’s their job. We’re an afterthought. I mean the attempt at Ford was years ago. Jake felt the girl with the gun that shot at Ford the second time, but a bystander stopped that one.”
Now I was surprised. “What was that about. I don’t think I know about that one.”
Looking over at me, the furrows reappeared on his brow. Mac began the story. “It was just a few weeks after the Squeaky Fromme attempt. President Ford was in San Francisco and a woman had a pistol, when she pulled it out, Jake felt her and shouted ‘Down’ into his mike, like he’s supposed to, and then a bystander grabbed her arm as the gun went off. The regulars dropped the President and protected him, As they're trained. We never could agree as to what happened, the regulars just continued to claim that they reacted not to Jake, but that someone else saw the gun. She did get two shots off. It was luck that both bullets ricocheted off a wall and went no where near the President."
 At a loss, I didn’t remember the incident. “Was she part of the Manson Family?”
“There was no connection to Squeaky and her attempt. She took everyone by surprise I think. If I think about it, I believe the regulars had looked into her because of ties to the SLA and Randolph Hearst. She was a bookkeeper for the People In Need group he had set up. And she had some connections to some wild revolutionary political group in Frisco. Then she had been picked up by the police the day before with an unlicensed illegal hand gun. And they let her go. So I think their claims about spotting her first are just attempts to make up for mistakes made."
 "I can always ask him."
And that brought hoots of laughter. Mac looked sternly at me, "No, please don't say anything like that to the Deputy Director, or really any of the regulars Dennis. We all have a hard enough time dealing with them as it is."
There were nods all around, and Andre appeared to be about to speak when the door from the garage was thrown open and in walked a long train of men. Seven came in first, all dressed in the standard black suits white shirts and a touch of color tie. Then there were four men in workout sweats. They filed in, a long line. Then all came to stand, not exactly at attention, but stiff upper lip sort of parade rest in a line at the front of the classroom.
As they stood there, no smiles, no movement, no acknowledgement that we exist, I could feel the hatred coming from them. All of them.
These were the men I would be working with.
And that's when President Jimmy Carter and another man walked in.

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